How to find Non Toxic Clothing: 4 options

non toxic clothing

Is non toxic clothing the answer to pollution? The term ‘pollution’ often evokes images of smog from coal mines and large oil companies; however, the reality is that fast fashion is one of the major polluting factors across the world. Not only is extreme textile manufacturing dangerous to our environment, but it also troubles producers and farmers due to hazardous chemicals and waste.

Chemicals in Clothing

Most chemicals used for clothing production, washing, dyeing, and bleaching are toxic. When cotton and other constituents go into production, the chemical application continues. The apparel production process can use numerous chemicals. These may include toxic chemical dyes, soaping agents, dispersants, leveling agents, and more. Then there are mercerizing agents to facilitate the dye uptake process.

These are some common toxic chemicals used:

  • PFAS
  • Chlorine bleach
  • Azo dyes

This extreme run-off has to go somewhere. The use of harmful chemicals in clothing production leads to the destruction of our environment. One of the finest things you can do to safeguard the planet, your health, and the lives of textile factory personnel is to choose non toxic clothing.

Switch to Sustainable Clothing Brands

Every individual deserves an attire that is healthy for the environment and society. Thankfully, the slow fashion movement is making healthier clothing more affordable and accessible than ever. Several sustainable clothing brands use eco-friendly production methods and engage in ethical clothing production. These brands use upcycled natural materials, low-impact dyes, and organic cotton to manufacture the finest, organic, and sustainable apparel.

Sustainable clothing brands take your run-of-the-mill fundamentals and improve them to be more sustainable, more resilient, and more comfortable. They use recyclable fabrics like recycled nylon and regenerative organic cotton while maintaining transparency in the ethical production practices in their industrial units.

How to find Non toxic clothing?

It might seem intimidating initially, however, it’s really easy. We are here to assist you along the way. Soon, you’ll be able to find the non toxic clothing that will streamline your closet’s maintenance. Moreover, you’ll be saving the environment and money. 

If you are willing to switch to non toxic clothing, here are some things to look for:

Sustainable Brands

The best clothing brands effectively create sustainable and affordable clothes with organic materials and natural, non-toxic dyes.

Natural Fabrics & Eco Friendly Materials

The safest clothes are manufactured from 100% natural materials including cotton, hemp, silk, linen, bamboo, cashmere, and wool. Organic cotton is grown from non-GMO untreated seeds in healthy soil. Farmers refill the soil through increased organic matter and crop rotation. The weed control is done by adding useful trap crops and insects. Natural pigments are used in the dyeing and finishing processes.

Look for eco-friendly materials on a company’s labels or website. The clothes should also be safe for people. An ecolabel from the Environmental Protection Agency(EPA) confirms the use of sustainable materials in production.

Carbon Neutrality or Low Carbon Footprint

Carbon neutral means that the non-toxic clothing manufacturing process leads to zero new carbon dioxide emissions to the atmosphere.

Look for a low carbon footprint on a company’s labels or website. A carbon footprint refers to the amount of CO2 released by a product’s production and transport.


Take your eco-friendly shopping to the next level by ensuring the clothes are good for you and the environment. When choosing sustainable clothing brands, look for certifications like the examples listed below to find truly eco-friendly fabrics. You can also refer to our guide about certifications and get a global overview of recognized standards.


It can be a bit disappointing to learn that the outfits you’ve been wearing for years are toxic for you and the planet. However, it’s always beneficial to break your non toxic clothing habit and make the switch to sustainable apparel. You should always start small and keep sustainable clothing brands in mind for the next time you wish to update your wardrobe. Over time, this minor change will make a large impact!

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