Brand Focus: 3 Biodegradable Clothing Brands

biodegradable clothing brands review

In a world where businesses and consumerism push for buy more, be more, consume more, it is not easy to keep a clear head. But is buying more actually solving anything? We have looked at 3 brands, that we think, are leading the way as biodegradable clothing brands.

Their core values regarding sustainability are outstanding in the fashion world. And be it their plant-based fabrics or their focus on recycling as much materials as possible, these brands have green impact for the planet.

Biodegradable Clothing Brands

There are a lot of brands out there claiming sustainability, ethical clothing production and eco friendly materials in their supply chains. For this review, we looked at 3 brands, that all have their unique angle on biodegradable clothing.


  • Product range: everyday basics
  • Materials: plant based and plastic free
  • Amazing: compost club to return clothing

Finding sustainable and ethical brands is a blessing nowadays. One of these blessings is in the form of Kent. This is one of the biodegradable clothing brands that keep their users happy and fulfilled by providing a guilt-free shopping experience.

The motto of Kent is to provide as many ethically sourced garments as possible, so both men and women can take care of their hygiene, style, and comfort at the same time. This brand works more on basic colors and long-lasting designs to ensure sustainability. The material used by them is 100% plastic-free and entirely plant-based.

What really impressed us is their compost club. Once your briefs from Kent reach the end of their life, you can send them, carbon neutral of course, back. They will then serve as soil. And even better: you will get some credit for future purchases.


  • Product range: kidswear
  • Materials: organic cotton
  • Amazing: Trade Up program

We know the consuming behavior is increasing from generation to generation. We are developing more, buying more, and as a result, wasting more and more. This wastage should be stopped and reused to make the resources as long lasting as possible. 

With this motto, Jackalo brings us the model to exchange clothing materials. This model especially works perfectly for kids because they grow so quick. This way, you can increase your kids’ happiness by giving their old clothes a new home, and similarly, making a new home for someone else’s clothes.

Most impressing here is the Trade Up program. You can exchange your Jackalo items for a credit. The clothes will be cleaned and repaired, if necessary, then go back for resale at a discount for the next child. What can not be repaired or resold will be recycled or upcycled.

Unless Collective

  • Product range: streetwear
  • Materials: plant based and 0 plastic waste
  • Amazing: Take Back program

Unless Collective is also one of the biodegradable clothing brands that are trying hard to develop new fabric to produce zero waste. The brand encourages users to buy all plant-based products, leaving no room for plastic waste. In addition, if anyone ever wishes to exchange or give away a product, he can simply return it to them. They will recreate, reshape, and recycle the fabric as efficiently as possible. 


To sum it up, biodegradable clothing brands like Kent, Jackalo, and Unless Collective are making positive strides in sustainable fashion. They focus on ethically sourced garments in basic colors and long-lasting designs, promoting a clothing exchange model to reduce waste.

Their programs to take back used products and recycle, upcycle or use them for composting make them truly circular fashion leaders.

Choosing these biodegradable clothing brands will not only enhance your style but also support a more eco-friendly and responsible approach to fashion!

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